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UIP Academic Year 2015-2016 Session PSYC 4910 Seminar 300
2013 UIP Pre-Departure Meeting for the To-Go Summer Internship Program in Dublin: L. Alderfer, A. Alexander, T. Bierhuizen, M. Botticello, S. Chapin, L. Chen, B. Donahue, S. Ebraham, T. Engelhardt, K. Friedmann, K. Hilton, M. Hurley, M. Jala, E. Johnson,
Karen Farber, director of the University Internships Program, discusses the mission statement of UIP at the 2015-2016 Academic Year Orientation
UIP Academic Year 2015-2016 Session PSYC 4910 Seminar 200
UIP Academic Year 2015-2016 Session SOC 4810 Seminar 400

University of Virginia Internship Programs
Celebrating 40 years of service, interning, and learning

Graduate with more than a degree. Graduate with:

  • Knowledge of a Profession
  • ​Professional-Level Experience
  • Perspective on Your Future
  • Networks & Connections
  • Self-Awareness & Self-Assurance
  • Experience in Organizational Life
  • ​Sense of Local & Global Communities

UIP is still accepting applications for the 2016-17 academic year.

We will interview and match interns with internship sites through September 5, 2016 for academic year internships.

We will contact incoming applicants via email to schedule an interview as suitable internship opportunities become available. 

Click HERE for the 2016-17 Online UIP Internship Listing.

Click HERE for the 2016-17 Online UIP Intern Application. 

SUMMER 2016 AND AY 2016-17

Ongoing-Present: Intern Request & Internship Description Updates for Summer 2016 and Academic Year 2016-17
11/03/15 - 02/29/16: Application Period for Prospective Interns
01/25/16 - 03/01/16: Prospective Intern Screening & Interviewing by UIP
03/05/16 - 03/13/16: U.Va. Spring Break
03/14/16 - 03/18/16: UIP Internship Supervisor/Mentor & Intern Matching by UIP
03/21/16 - 03/25/16: UIP Internship Supervisors/Mentors & Interns Notified of Matching Results
03/21/16 - 04/08/16: UIP Internship Supervisors/Mentors & Interns Conduct Interviews
03/21/16 - 04/11/16: UIP Internship Supervisors/Mentors & Interns Notify UIP re: Accept or Decline
03/21/16 - 04/12/16: If Match Accepted: Confirmaiton of matches prepared and processed for UIP Supervisors and Interns
03/21/16 - 04/28/16: If Match Declined: rematches initiated where and when possible
Ongoing - 09/06/16: UIP will continue to accept applications and refer students to Academic Year 2016-17 internship placements until September 6, 2016. 


If you have any questions, please call the University Internship Program (UIP) at: 

434-243-1751, 434-924-0697, or 434-982-5552