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Academic Credit and Grading

Academic Credit 

Academic credit is earned through either the Psychology Department or Sociology Department and is regular College credit.

PSYC 4910, 4920 and SOC 4810, and 4820 are 4-credit courses.

  • 70% of your grade is based upon performance in your academic seminar (as evaluated by your instructor)
  • 30% of your grade is based upon performance in the internship (as evaluated by your internship site supervisor)


Grading Options

All students participating in the University Internship Programs receive Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory credit (PSYCH or SOC) during the academic year. Credit will be awarded only if a grade of B- or better is maintained.

  • The credit does NOT satisfy the 3000- and 4000-level seminar requirements for the Sociology major or minor.
  • Up to 9 hours of internship credit (PSYC 4910 or PSYC 4920) may be counted toward the student's major or minor in Psychology; internship credit does NOT satisfy 4000-level seminar requirements.