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Dear Parents,

Please encourage your son or daughter to join the 8,000+ students who have participated in the University of Virginia Internship Program (UIP).  Completing an internship is an excellent way for your son or daughter to gain competitive skills and practical knowledge to ensure his or her successful transition from the undergraduate academic environment to either the working world or graduate school.


As a rising fourth-year student, your child has a unique opportunity to earn credit for participating in an academic year internship option in the Charlottesville area during the fall and spring semesters. Your child also has the opportunity to participate in UIP-sponsored summer professional-practice internships in the Charlottesville area, in other U.S. cities, and in Dublin, Ireland.


Through the UIP, your child’s overall academic experience will be enriched by interning in an organization or a field that reflects his or her academic, professional, and/or personal interests.  The theoretical lessons of the classroom will take on new meaning as your child experiences and applies them in a “real world” setting. After participating in an academic internship through the UIP, your child will graduate with professional-level experience, perspective on his or her potential career path and future, references and networks, an increased understanding of local and global communities, and greater personal and professional self-awareness and self-assurance.


The University of Virginia Internship Program provides an excellent opportunity for your son or daughter to learn and intern with professionals in the Charlottesville community and beyond. Please encourage your child to visit the UIP website at, review the listing of available internships, and consider completing an online application.



Karen A. Farber, Ph.D., M.B.A.

Director, U.Va. Internship Programs (UIP)


Click HERE for copy of Parents Letter seen above.  Click HERE for copy of Brochure seen below.