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UIP Dublin Testimonials

UIP Dublin testimonials

"Through this program I was able to obtain an internship to bolster my resume, but also spend the time abroad and experience a new place and culture. My internship with a local health non-profit provided me with the experience I needed for my future career in health work, all while giving me the benefits of a study abroad program. Dublin is an amazing city, and the people of Ireland are some of the kindest souls you will ever meet. If you are a student that will not have the time to study abroad for an entire semester but still wish to experience what international study has to offer, definitely try out UIP Dublin!"

-Meghan Smith

Summer 2014 Intern at The Irish Osteoporosis Society


"The UIP Dublin program was an incredible opportunity to go outside of my comfort zone and learn what it is like to both live and work in a different culture. I was able to gain important work experience while exploring a beautiful and culturally rich country. I learned so much both through the work I did in my internship and the Irish people I encountered throughout my two months there."

-Kelly Seegers

Summer 2014 Intern at Irish Arts Review


"My time in Ireland was eye-opening to say the least. I worked with the former Lord Mayor of Dublin, Ireland. He showed me the inner workings of the city, allowing me to draw my own comparisons between how the city of Dublin and other domestic U.S. cities operate. On top of the learning, I traveled all over Ireland and the UK, taking in the beautiful landscapes and rich history. UIP offers a great mix of work and play."

- Katharine Sadowski

Summer 2013 Intern with Dublin City Council Member Gerry Breen


"My internship through UIP Dublin turned out to be one of the most memorable times during my four years of college. There are lots of companies that will try to sell you tours of various places and cultures but the only proper way to get to know these things is by working a job. During my summer with UIP Dublin, I traveled the country, learned the Irish legal system, made friends in an unfamiliar place, and even had some spare time to see other countries."

-John Shelton

Summer 2013 Intern at Legal Aid Board


"I would recommend the program to anyone! It was definitely the highlight of my undergrad career. In fact, I'm still dating my boyfriend who I met on the trip! As for the internship, it definitely looked awesome on my resume. When I was applying to medical schools, every applicant had some sort of research experience, but the interviewers always seemed impressed that I did my research in Ireland. It was something I could have never found without the UIP program, so I'm happy I decided to spend my summer the way I did. My best friend ad I went on the program together, and we had weekend trips to Northern Ireland, a ton of cute Irish towns, Amsterdam, Scotland, and we even went to Wimbledon!"

-Abbey Pfister
Summer 2013 Intern at Biomedical Diagnostics Institute


"My summer in Dublin allowed me to experience a new culture by actually living and working in the city for two months...Working Monday through Thursday allowed me to become very involved at my internship and close with my coworkers, while still having Fridays to plan exciting trips and sightseeing around Ireland and other parts of Europe. We were given just enough freedom that I felt very independent and in control of my own experience, while knowing that I had several support systems through UIP and EUSA that I could reach out to if I needed anything. By the end of the program, I felt like Dublin was a home away from home!"

-Lizzie Weaver

Summer 2013 Intern at Beechwood Partners


"Participating in the UIP To-Go Program in Dublin, Ireland let me to have the best summer of my life. I gained valuable professional experience, while fulfilling my dream of traveling the world. Spending eight weeks in the most beautiful country in the world opened my eyes to so many incredible experiences I could not have had anywhere else--even Charlottesville! The Irish are like no other nationality--they welcome you into their homes with open arms, and because of them I made lifelong friends, both Wahoos and Dubliners alike, and still keep in touch with them to this day."

-Madeline Cohn

Summer 2012 Intern at The Irish Osteoporosis Society


"The UIP is a wonderful opportunity. Despite my wide array of interest and indecisiveness, Karen and the Ireland team were still able to find the perfect internship for my career goals. I interned for the Integration Center, an NGO that helps immigrants and refugees not only assimilate, but also share their culture abroad in Ireland. I was able to work with Irish and international employees, meet local Irish and immigrants in Dublin, and learn about the status of immigration for the country as a whole. It was very informative and immersive and I would not have been able to see that side of the Irish society without the internship. The program also has a wonderful balance between internship demands, coursework, and time for travel so that one can actually see much of the country itself." 

-Rejina Stallings

Summer 2012 Intern at The Integration Center


"The UIP Dublin program is a truly unique opportunity to study abroad. It left me with the professional development I had hoped to receive and immeasurably more: I established meaningful connections at my internship, actively immersed myself in a new culture by contributing to a sector of its workforce, and saw first-hand how a different part of the world lives."

-Victor Teran
Summer 2012 Intern at Our Lady's Children's Hospital